John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero at Parking Lot Brawl match


Two types of matches take place in parking lots, the Parking Lot Brawl and the Iron Circle match. They're essentially the same thing, two wrestlers fighting in a parking lot, the major difference being the Iron Circle match takes place in the middle of a multitude of cars parked in a circle with their headlights on, while the Parking Lot Brawl tends to be in a sparser location.


  • 'Eddie Guerrero is a monster in the parking lot Brawl'

Eddie Guerrero attack his opponent from Behind went he lost a special match such as John Cena on the PPV Of No Mercy 2000 went he lost the change to fight for the Intercontinental Championship and he attack Cena from behind and he beat the hell out of John Cena At the Parking lot brawl. Eddie was fighting as Clean on the ring but he turn on heel went he attack cena from behind.

  • The First Ever Parking Lot Brawl

Dave Batista attack Tajiri from behind went Batista lost againts him with the School Boy Pin. Batista break Tajiri Car with Batista Bomb Batista was arrested the next week Dave Batista Appear on Monday Night War.

  • Jonathan has been fighting at Parking lot Brawl many of times putting his career on the line

Jonathan Sanchez is a men who have been attack fron behind of his opponent like Mankind, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and then some.